July 1, 2013

Portfolio 1

When Mr. Aditya Chakravarti got in touch with Concept Interiors, his requirement was very simple. He needed no compromise in the design of his new three bedroom house. For Mr. Chakravarti, quality was paramount and everything needed high attention to detail. When we had a look at the house, we were shocked to see the below average construction of the place. It needed a complete transformation right from ground up. Our team was quick to gauge Aditya’s requirements and provided him design solutions based on his personality and needs. Once Aditya told us what he wanted, we got started on the project with utmost zest.

The house needed extensive renovation and we can’t forget the look on the Chakravarti family’s face when we delivered them the keys much before they anticipated. As soon as they entered their done up home, they were ecstatic and highly impressed with the level of attention and quality of the work. Adtiya was pleasantly surprised with Concept Interiors’ never say no attitude. He wanted a bath tub, a feature no one was able to fit in this type of a house due to space constraints and design of the bathrooms. The bathroom is reasonably small which made fitting a bath tub an impossible task. However with our acemanship and eye for detail, we succeeded in fitting the bath tub without compromising the space inside the bathroom.

Mr. Chakravarti desired to have a very spacious kitchen with washing machine, dishwasher, microwave and oven. Initially we felt that it may be difficult but with in depth study we met all his requirements for which we had to create a special slabbing system design to accommodate all equipment. Mr. Chakravarti and his wife wanted big space for their shoes as they have plenty of shoes. We designed the shoe rack in the wall without compromising on space in the gallery.

Another challenge faced by us was fitting a bed for a 6-footer in the guest room. Due to the width of the room itself being 5 feet 8 inches wide and awkward positioning of pillars, this seemed impossible. If the bed was placed in another direction, the room would not be able to occupy a cupboard and table. To counter this, the bathroom was redesigned and some part of the space was taken inside the room without compromising on the functionality of the toilet. The end result was the guest room becoming a fully functional room with a bed, study table and a decent sized cupboard, not to forget the bathroom which has been neatly packaged to offer both sanitary and showering capabilities. The project ended up overjoying the client beyond words.

“I am really very happy to thank Concept Interiors for the wonderful work carried out by them at my residence in Navi Mumbai to our utmost satisfaction. They have catered to all our requirements on their own without we telling them anything. It would be worth mentioning here that I was staying at Santa Cruz, Mumbai, before shifting to Navi Mumbai. I showed my flat to a number of interior designers, but nobody could cater to my fascination of having a bath tub, in a small size bathroom. On recommendations of one of my friends, I approached Colonel U.A. Khan of Concept Interiors and on the first meeting, he assured me to meet all my requirements and asked me to relax. To my utter surprise, I was really overwhelmed with joy when I saw that Concept Interiors adjusted the bath tub in such a manner that was beyond anyone’s imagination. At the same time, they have not compromised with any available space. I call him that Colonel U.A. Khan of Concept Interiors is a real magician. I stay with my family in the flat and everyone is very happy. We are really very grateful to Concept Interiors.” – Aditya Chakravarti,