July 28, 2013

Portfolio 5

Designing a house keeping two opposite ends of the spectrum in mind was what Mr. Shriniwas Bubna asked from Concept Interiors. On one side, there were children who wanted themed rooms, while on the other, Mr. Bubna’s mother wanted a pooja room. This meant the children’s room had to have the youth touch to it. We designed a themed wall around Disney characters which the kids really like. The right use of lights placed on uniquely designed false ceiling and concept wall designs were extensively done. The overall theme of the house revolved around simplicity with utility being the forte.

Mrs. Vineeta Bubna (mother) being too religious and devotee of Lord Krishna wanted a pooja room. We really planned in-depth to keep her feelings sky high. We put a big framed statue in the dinning room with inbuilt lighting system and rhyming soothing bhajan sound connected to door bell button outside the main door as well as built-in on and off switch. A wooden temple designed with appropriate place for idols, lamp with sound system and having a fan revolving over the idols with proper sitting arrangement for worshiping. Also catered for specially designed Lord Krishna framed photos in every bedroom.

Mrs. Vineeta Bubna wanted her house interiors to be unique in design and different in appearance than others. We created a false ceiling design different in every room, an absolutely new design which is very uncommon. All rooms were given fibre transparent veneer light weight waterproof doors. Concept Interiors also created a galaxy star effect in the living room which one will not find anywhere else. Special effect has been given to painting which gives different impact from different angles.

“Colonel U.A. Khan of Concept Interiors has catered to all our requirements at home and office, which could never have been accomplished, even if I was present there. At the opening ceremony, people were amazed to see the work, specially in the manner in which it has been so meticulously carried out by Concept Interiors. They had a mouthful of praises for Concept Interiors. Since my mother is very religious, Concept Interiors has designed and made a wooden Temple, all in one, with a fan over the God’s statue. My mother is so impressed by such innovation and ideas, she keeps on singing the song of Concept Interiors. Concept Interiors has become part of our company for interior designing. I am really grateful to them for the wonderful job carried out in a very reasonable budget” – Shriniwas Bubna, Managing Director, Awaagaman Road Liners Ltd.