July 1, 2013

Portfolio 3

What happens when you want to put two dental chairs, a sterilisation room, a toilet, reception area and space for everything else including refrigerator, computer, etc in a place with 3/4th columns. Nothing actually, because this seemed impossible to Dentist Sanah Sopariwala. However when we had a look at the shop, we knew some cleaver designing can fulfill our client’s needs. Although the shop was having abruptly placed beams, we took that as an opportunity to come up with a design which was not only suiting the theme of the Dental Clinic but also fulfilling the criteria of the owner.

There are always things which are not visible to the naked eye, especially when it comes to a dental clinic. Setting up dental chairs means extensive plumbing work. Our clients always want the very best and we ensure they get it. Everything was concealed very well to give a premium feel to the dental clinic, right from dental equipment, ceiling mounted speakers and TVs. The sofa was custom designed to fit in perfectly in the waiting area. Heavy work was done on drawers for effective resource management for the dentists. The end result is a clinic which defies the original shop, you simply can’t identify if it’s the same place. The pillars are invisible and everything fits in smoothly.

“I am a dentist who bought a shop in Nerul to set up Dental Clinic, with chairs, toilets, laboratories, reception area. Since I stay in South Mumbai, I approached a number of interior designers and showed them the place. All of them after seeing the shop, which has four columns projecting inwards, expressed their inability to adjust my requirements. I was really disappointed and was in a dilemma as whether to sell the shop and buy new one.

A few days later in a party, a friend of mine, noticed that I was looking sad and asked me the reasons. I narrated her my story, she told me there is nothing to be sad and he told me that Colonel U.A. Khan of Concept Interiors is a miraculous and most innovative person, who can do the impossible. I approached Concept Interiors and after seeing the place, they not only promised to fulfill my requirements, but created more space than I expected. Colonel U.A. Khan with his ability and acumen-ship fitted two dental chairs, toilet, place for fridge, laboratory, reception area and a new loft, aesthetically designed, conveniently fitted the equipment required for dentistry and music system in the ceiling. Their plan was so meticulous, that even I can not spot the column now. Concept Interiors created such an ambiance that within very short period I have installed a second chair and have a line of patients. I am really grateful to them, they really fulfilled my dream, by their impeccable and miraculous innovation” – Dr. Sanah Sopariwala, Implantologist, South Mumbai.