“I would like to thank Concept Interiors for carrying out the renovation in my flat most systematically with utmost care. Concept Interiors has designed my kitchen in most typical Kerlite style, without me telling anything to them. They have a real treasure of ideas. My grand mother is full of praises for Concept Interiors, as she finds Kerala in Mumbai”

– Krishna Warrior, TCS.

“I am having my company’s registered office at Kolkata and branches spread all over India. I would like to thank Concept Interiors for the most wonderful and memorable experience I had of dealing with them. Colonel U.A. Khan of Concept Interiors has furnished and renovated my corporate office as well as my residence at Mumbai, in my absence all by himself, with honesty and highest level of integrity. I came once before the start of the project and then directly on the completion of the project to carry out Puja”

– Shriniwas Bubna, Managing Director, Awaagaman Road Liners Ltd.

“I am very happy and thankful to Concept Interiors for carrying out the beautiful and most aesthetic design of our residence in Mumbai. I am working in Merchant Navy and I was on the lookout for the most trusted and dependable interiors designers who can independently carry out the renovation work in my flat in my absence with honesty. I got the references from my friend and approached Concept Interiors, who have carried out fabulous and meticulous work in my flat, catering to all my requirements in a befitting manner, within my planned budget. Colonel U.A. Khan of Concept Interiors has made me very happy with the delivery of his interior design work and handing over the project as scheduled. I have recommended Concept Interiors to my friends and colleagues as the most trusted and innovative interior designers not only in Mumbai but my hometown, Ahmednagar as well. Once again we are thankful to Concept Interiors for making our life so comfortable”

– Ishak Pathan, Captain of the ship.

“I am grateful to Concept Interiors for carrying out interiors of two of my flats, most meticulously with utmost satisfaction. I am myself an engineer and working in Reliance Industry and could have done renovations of my flat, myself, but when I came to know the reputation of Concept Interiors for honesty, punctuality, quality and expertise, I could not resist and approached them to carry out the renovation work for my both the flats and they have systematically carried out the work within my budget. I am thoroughly satisfied, Concept Interiors has proved to be more than what I had heard”

– Upenchandra Deori, Senior Engineer, Reliance Industries.

“I am really glad to write that from my initial meeting, Colonel U.A Khan of Concept Interiors had the ability to catch my vision and was so quick to paint the picture for me, the type of work to be carried out in my two bedroom flat in Mumbai. Regardless of the complexity of the design, his details were always clear and concise. Concept Interiors has handled our project with loyalty and the greatest of integrity. Everything they have carried out in my flat is superb and miraculous within our planned budget. Thanks for such a wonderful experience”

– Satya Prakash Sarangi, Head, Foreign Investment, Bank of Mauritius.

“I am holding a very high post in Gujarat Ambuja Cement and the number of architects and interior designers are well known to me in my close relatives in the field of interior designing. I was surprised when I contacted a number of interior designers, including my relatives for renovation of my flat at Mumbai. Everyone told me to contact Colonel U.A. Khan of Concept Interiors who is expert in innovation, new ideas and space creation with honesty and quality. I was really amazed by Concept Interiors’ wonderful and most innovative plan for my flat. My wife was skeptical and unhappy with the original size of the kitchen but in the manner in which Concept Interiors has planned and done the work, my wife was so happy that is beyond description. Knowing that I am the devotee of Satya Sai Baba, Colonel U.A Khan of Concept Interiors has created Satya Sai Baba statue in such a manner, it looks that Satay Sai Baba is actually present there. Concept Interiors has not only catered to interior designing but also catered for emotional and devotional satisfaction of the client. May God bless them with all the success in life”

– Nagesh Nallappa.